Saturday 9am Class is Cancelled this week.
There will be Open Gym from 9-11am ONLY
Please come join us @ the Central Florida
Throwdown all weekend to help cheer on
our CFL Athletes!

Performance Group

A: Segmented Clean Deadlift (5 x 1. 1. 1; rest 15sec/rest 3mins)

pause 2sec 1inch off the floor, below knee, and mid thigh
* begin with 65-70% of your Clean 1rm and build from there
* work on proper positioning during the pull phase

B: Strict Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups (3 × 3.3.3 – rest 30 seconds b/n clusters)
rest 3 minutes b/n sets

C: 2k Row

Max Effort 2k Row
Time Trial Test