Find the training regimen that’s right for you.


We know that it can be overwhelming joining a new gym, especially when your only training experience has been at a traditional type gym.  And lets face it, we’re most certainly not what you would call traditional. 

So our staff and community are here to help you adjust and reach all of your health and fitness goals. 

This initial consultation is our opportunity to meet you and discuss previous training history, your goals, and the membership options at our gym that may both compliment your goals and match our vision of your fitness journey with us.  During the consultation we’ll help you choose the training experience that is most appropriate for YOU!

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You want to get in the best shape of your life.  You’d like to look good, feel good, and have lots of energy.

As the name “Fitness” implies, these workouts are designed to promote and enhance your health and fitness.  Athletes are exposed to a wide variety of movements with a focus on proper mechanics that will get people fit and help fix muscular imbalances.  The primary purpose for the programming of this group is for developing a strong overall fitness/strength base.  Fitness encompasses many different areas including; cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy, skill adaptation, and an emphasis on the basic understanding of “how” to train,    i.e. learning how to perform movements safely and correctly.


For athletes that have a higher training age and are ready for a more technical approach to fitness.  You may or may not be interested in competing at CrossFit, but you enjoy learning complex movements and have performance goals that go beyond general fitness

The primary purpose for the programming of this group is to learn and understand a higher level of fitness. It is designed to fit a bigger picture of Fitness. The needs for the individual in this group are higher skills with a wider variety of movements including gymnastics & Olympic lifts, and a greater understanding of their unique work capacities, percentages, intensities, and recoveries. Taking sets, reps, energy system training, etc. to a new level of understanding; spend time on the areas in which you need more work; figure out when to “smash it” or “pump the brakes”…learn the gears and balance it for a sound, fundamental athletic development base – Things you should be comfortable with: variation, gymnastics, variation in loads and speeds for all lifts, energy system base of knowledge; at this level, strength base is built; tweaking is needed and sound principles are in place to “fine tune” these towards events/phases, etc. These workouts will be both challenging and fun, and will reduce the stressors of trying to scale high level movements.


As CrossFit Lakeland has grown, it became obvious that we needed a program that included CrossFit’s strength-building movements, omitting the complex gymnastics and Olympic weight-lifting exercises. This course also needed to incorporate dynamic explosive movements as well as endurance training. So we put our heads together to create a revolutionary program that combined all three of these disciplines. Today, that program is called HIITfit or High Intensity Interval Training Fitness.

High-energy and high-intensity, utilizing functional bodyweight movements and light to moderate loads, HIITfit classes are held in a supportive group setting. Each class features a series of stations that highlight different movements, and just like CrossFit the sessions are always different. Point blank, HIITfit was designed to have you saying… “I love this gym and the atmosphere, it is a great place. Working out has become less of a chore but more of something I look forward to and even crave.”


This program was born out of the request of several of our members looking to gain knowledge in the art of brute power while making strength gains in the three major lifts: Back Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift.

Including in the programming will be Core Stability and Accessory work to compliment the three lifts. Programming will be based on a two-day split focusing on the Back Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift.

Athletes will be instructed on different stances and grips to show the diversity in each athletes’ body and what works best.

This is meant to be a fun, safe program focused on getting strong and trying some new stuff.


  • Available to athletes who have been a member for at least 4 months or who have completed a requisite number of personal training sessions (dependent upon your athletic experience and complexity of training program)
  • Comprehensive Individual Assessment – based on your fitness testing results
  • Monthly or Weekly program design (depending on goals) developed exclusively for you based on your background, current fitness level and goals
  • Workouts can be completed during regularly scheduled class times, and during specified open gym hours (except 9am/5:30pm)
  • Ongoing e-mail support
  • Individuals choosing the weekly option must also have a regular Membership.  This is an add-on service.



CrossFit Lakeland’s Barbell Club is an opportunity to expand your knowledge and understanding, as well as experience in Weightlifting. Coached and programmed by Coach Jordan Christie (USAW Level 1 Certified), Barbell Club focuses on increasing strength and improving technique to help reach the goals you have always wanted to achieve.




Schedule half hour skills sessions with the coach of your choice to practice or learn specific movements that might be giving you a hard time!


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Functional Movement Screen


Point 1

Perform 7 movements that help determine your functional capabilities, movement mechanics/patterns, and imbalances.


Point 2

Based on the results you will receive a corrective exercise program to fix any deficits.

Selective Functional Movement Assessment


Point 1

A more systematic and specific approach in determining joint, tissue, and motor dysfunctions


Point 2

Based on the results you’ll be assigned corrective exercises and depending on what we find, a possible referral to the appropriate medical care specialist.